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Product Review: Level Wings Fusion Harness for Speedflying and Paragliding

The Fusion V3 harness stands as a testament to continuous innovation and improvement in speed flying and paragliding. Designed for all adventures, it combines functionality, durability, and comfort, making it a versatile choice for pilots in various environments. It is our favorite harness by far and here are some reasons why!

rotating level wings fusion harness

Enhanced Durability and Structure:

The internal modifications in the Fusion V3 harness reinforce its durability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of speed flying and speed riding. The upgraded materials, including EVA foam under the thighs, not only enhance comfort during flight but also contribute to the overall durability of the harness. Living in Colorado and traveling across the world to fly, we have put this harness to some rigorous testing. We pack it so full that the zippers look like they are going to explode. We bounce it against every rock and tree on our hike to launch. This harness withstands it all and that's what we need!

Tailored Fit for All Speedflying and Paragliding Pilots:

Addressing the needs of taller pilots, the Fusion V3 features lengthened shoulder straps, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for individuals ranging from 155 to 200 cm. This attention to detail in design demonstrates the harness's commitment to accommodating a diverse range of adventurers. It has been our experience that all sized pilots will love the fit of this harness.

Innovative Storage Solutions:

The harness incorporates an expandable storage system, allowing for adjustable volume ranging from 30L to 50L. The removable 18L classical pocket layer transforms into a small rain-cover type pocket, while bag clamps adjust the larger volume. The inclusion of an additional pocket for essentials such as a ski pass, beacon, phone, or radio ensures easy accessibility during flights. We love having the ability to fly this harness down the mountain in a low profile mode or with it's extra volume style. If you are a photographer or camper then you will have more than enough room to fly your gear down comfortably.

Optional Airbag for Extra Protection:

speed flyer setting up wing wearing the level wings fusion harness with airbag

Safety is paramount, and the Fusion V3 offers an optional certified bottom airbag for additional protection, enhancing the overall safety features of the harness. Unfortunately we have seen this airbag in action several times. Fortunately the pilots had no injuries or minor compared to what could have been. For us, the airbag is not an option and we wear it religiously. We also require all of our students to wear one.

Adaptability for Various Flying Activities:

Whether you're conquering mountains or exploring snowy terrains, the Fusion V3 proves its versatility. With dedicated pockets for snow shovel, keys, ID, and a multitude of straps for carrying skis, ice axe, and hiking poles, it seamlessly transitions from speed flying to mountain activities. We also use this harness for paragliding when traveling and for all dune gooning fun!

Thoughtful Design for Emergency Situations:

Incorporating internal side pockets for probe or foldable poles, accessible from the outside in emergencies, showcases commitment to user safety. These pockets can be accessed in either fly or hike mode. There is also a very easily accessible side zipper pocket when in fly mode that we carry our Garmin and phone. When wearing a front mount reserve container the bridle can be easily routed in a protective sleeve to allow shoulder attachment points. If there is an emergency where you have to use your reserve you will now be suspended from your shoulders rather than your hips. This allows your feet to come down first for a proper PLF (Parachute Landing Fall) protecting your back!

Dual Functionality: Backpack and Harness Modes:

pilots with their level wings harness in backpack mode

The Fusion V3 seamlessly transitions between backpack and harness modes, providing quick bag storage pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, safe manual buckles, and attachment points for rescue parachutes, showcasing its adaptability to different scenarios. The Fusion V3 doesn't just stop at functionality; it goes further by including a 360° camera pole attachment and hydration routing, allowing adventurers to capture their flights in unique ways while staying hydrated on the go.

Optimized Geometry and Hang Points:

The harness's geometry and hang points are optimized for speed flying and speed riding, ensuring a balanced and controlled experience. When speed riding, the side laterals can be adjusted to allow more of a standing/skiing position. For speed flying and paragliding the side laterals will allow a more reclined sitting position. This harness provides a comfortable fit, enabling articulate movements for precise control input.


The Level Wings Fusion V3 Speedflying/Paragliding Harness takes adventure to the next level with its blend of durability, comfort, and versatility. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a novice, this harness is a reliable companion for all your high-flying escapades. The Fusion V3 is not just a piece of gear; it's a testament to the pursuit of excellence in the world of speedflying and paragliding.


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