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One-on-one coaching is one of the most powerful skill set advancement decisions you can make in your progression. Take advantage of the opportunity and the weather for quick progression with our quick start sessions.


This is one-on-one up to four hours of instruction. We offer this during the summer season in Monterey, CA.

Hit the buy button. Complete the process and let's get started.

This is the best $250 you will spend on your education.



1) Coastal Topography:

Monterey's coastline offers a remarkable blend of dunes and sandy training hills, providing varied launch and landing sites that cater to different skill levels. This diversity is crucial for a well-rounded learning experience.

2) Consistent Weather Patterns:

The region's micro-climate is characterized by consistent and laminar coastal winds, which are conducive to controlled flights and gradual skill progression. These conditions offer a stable platform for learners to build confidence.

3) Experienced Instructors:

Touch and GO Adventures works with the community and Raven Wolf Sky Sports

(seasoned paragliding instructors) who possess deep local knowledge. Their familiarity with the area's

specific conditions and terrain ensures personalized and effective guidance for learners.

4) Scenic Views:

Learning to paraglide/speed fly in Monterey rewards students with breathtaking vistas of

the Pacific Ocean, rugged coastlines, and the “Serengeti of Marine Life”. It is common to see seals, sea

lions, sea otters, whales, dolphins, and seabirds. This enhances the learning process and adds to the

overall experience.

5) Safety Emphasis:

The area's consistent wind speeds conducive to learning, soft sand training hill with soft

beach landing area contribute to a safer learning environment. This is vital for beginners, as it minimizes

potential risks and allows students to focus on skill development.

6. Gradual Progression:

Monterey's conditions allow for gradual skill advancement. Beginners can practice

and refine their techniques in controlled settings before moving on to more challenging flights, fostering a

steady and confident learning curve. The smooth coastal winds allow for the longest training days in the

USA. We typically start at 10am and end no sooner than 4pm each day. There are also a couple of

mountain flights in the area that we can progress to. These flights have more vertical height allowing for

the full mountain flying experience.


7. Supportive Community:

The local paragliding community in Monterey is known for its camaraderie and

support. This collaborative atmosphere ensures that learners feel welcome, encouraged, and part of a

larger network.

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