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Making Dreams Come True

I love to travel and fly.  I am a skydiver, paraglider, speed flyer/rider, and ski bum.  I have been inspired by many people in my life which has led me to travel as much as possible.  I always loved it when my paragliding instructor Milly said "see where a wing will take you".  Wow, that saying could not have been more true.  It has been amazing to travel to some of the most beautiful places and experience the love of flight with new friends in new, to me, sites.  My goal is to build this community even stronger and give everyone the opportunity to see the world from under their wing.  

Ryan Kerschen


Safety has always been a priority to me.  While I aim to push myself, I also want to take the right steps to insure a lifetime of fun ahead.  Having the right mentor and local experienced pilots around will greatly reduce the risks involved.  


Ultimately, our goals are to seek out the adventures that are harder to attain without a guide and group effort.  The possibilities are limitless.  The community is full of people that are willing to share their couch as well as their knowledge and resources.  This passion for flying brings us together.  

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