• Wingmancam is a carbon fiber fuselage for mounting your GoPro, Drift, or Contour camera. The Wingmancam hangs from your glider and provides a thrilling point of view that captures more action than just having the camera mounted to your head. Have a look of at some recent Wingmancam footage from Mexico to see what we mean.


    • Carbon fibre fuselage and fins for optimum strength-to-weight ratio
    • Robust construction
    • Available with Rugged Carry Case (see video)
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Sleek missile profile
    • Handcrafted quality
    • Superior balance and aerodynamic stability
    • Carabiners and suspension line, ready for quick setup
    • Safety link included on the suspension line

    Dimensions: 500mm x 100mm x 100mm (20” x 4” x 4”)

    Weight (ex camera): only 220g (8oz)