Gin Explorer

  • The Explorer is a lightweight performance wing aimed at seasoned XC pilots who want to fly a wing that’s comfortable, responsive and goes!

    New colors Orange Blue Comfortable yet responsiveThe handling of the Explorer has an alluring balance of smoothness and lightness. The wing is supremely well co-ordinated. It’s damped and forgiving in pitch, yet the precision in the turn makes it a first-class climber in thermals.

    Take-off and landing couldn’t be simpler and the wing has an uncanny ability to seek out the best thermal cores.PerformanceThe Explorer is also made for comfortable high-speed gliding during cross country flying. Direct C-riser control works very well and the lack of unnecessary C handles keeps everything simple and lightweight.LightweightNaturally, the Explorer is light, at under 4kg for the M size. In fact, it’s one of the lightest wings in its category, as a result of optimization of the internal structure and the careful selection of canopy and line materials.

    The wide range of sizes and extended weight range offers flexibility in sizing choice according to your preferred wing loading.Extended weight rangeEven when highly loaded, the Explorer shows good performance and excellent recovery characteristics.

    For this reason, we decided to certify the wing with a +5kg extended weight range for more experienced pilots who may sometimes want to fly with a higher wing loading. For general flying, the Explorer is best flown within the normal weight range according to your preference.

    Certified with CocoonThe Explorer has been through additional testing and certification with the Genie Lite 2 cocoon harness. You can fly with peace of mind!