Flymaster GPS LS

  • Light. Simple. Full of features.

    The GPS LS was created to provide for novice or experienced pilots a flight experience with a light and simple instrument, yet with lots of features. It has almost everything that the most expensive instruments have but for a much more affordable price.



    Main Hardware Characteristics

    Display Type Segmented LCD
    Screen size (true viewing area) 53x75mm
    Battery Capacity (Lithium-Ion) 1800mAh
    Autonomy Approx. 60 hours
    Size 126x73x12 mm
    Weight 110 gr
    GPS 72 channel GPS/Glonass
    Native USB Connection Allows Connection to the PC to download/upload flight data, firmware updates
    Battery Charging From any USB 5v wall adapter, USB car adapter or computer USB port
    Firmware update by USB (upgrades are free)  

    Interface Features

    Fixed Data Fields
    • Battery
    • GPS Status
    • Max Climb Rate
    • Glide Ratio
    • Analog Vario
    • Integrated Vario
    • Ground Speed
    • Max. Sink Rate
    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Direction
    • Distance to takeoff
    • Course
    • Last thermal location.
    • Distance to thermal
    • 2 independent altimeters
    • Clock Flight Time
    • Sound Level
    User Configurable Data Field
    • Units
    • 2 independent altimeters

    Variometer/Altimeter Features

    • Buzzer/near thermal sound.
    • Ultra sensitive Variometer with 10 readings per second and 10 cm resolution.
    • Configurable vario digital filter and integration values.
    • Fully configurable Vario Sound (frequency, increments, frequency/vertical speed relation, ...).
    • 4 Sound Levels (configurable by menu, or using a key).
    • Automatic mute,keeps vario silent until takeoff
    • Altitude adjustment using QNH
    • Automatic altitude adjustment from GPS
    • 2 independent altimeters

    Memory Features

    • 3D flight logger IGC format
    • Storage for around 150000 trackpoints

    Cross Country features

    • Exclusive Thermal Ball indicator
    • Several specific data fields like Distance to take off,current glide ratio,current speed,etc
    • Distance to last thermal indexed with altitude
    • Wind speed and direction (GPS based calculation)


    Compatible with MacOS (10.11+), Windows (/7/8/10), Linux Ubuntu LTS OS