Fly NEO X-FLY - Speedflying Glider

  • The pure DNA of Speedflying. As the pioneers of Speedriding and Speedflying, the equipment is our specialty, NEO gliders are the achievement of our vision since the beginning…

    After the success of our Speedriding gliders, we enlarged the field of practices in our range, presenting our Speedflying wing with 5 sizes 9m2, 11m2, 13m2, 16m2 and 18m2 to cover the maximum number of disciplines.

    • Foot launch - pure speedflying : The X-FLY gives great capacities to take off and land by foot, an easy access technical level and a structural solidity in turbulence.
    • Soaring and strong-wind flying: The X-FLY ‘s concept and the trimmers use allows the pilot to adapt the flight to various wind speeds. You’ll enjoy the dynamic potential, its precision, and its easiness.
    • Speedflying/speedriding by skis: Taking off by skis and swooping the slopes is a great fun. But the X-FLY has also some real Speedriding capacity. Getting contact with the slope, driving the glider on the snow is easy, particularly with the small sizes.

    The X-FLY covers all levels from the beginner to the extreme rider, for all kind of flights depending sizes. See technical specifications for more details.